Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Green Yard, Green Mind

The weather is getting great outside, the grass is green, the sun is shining. April has done a lot of the yard and its looking great, I attempt to help but get distracted by other things pretty quickly.

Everytime I do yardwork I have to grab a bucket to collect with worms and have been getting pretty good hauls, if I had to guess I would say I am up to 1000 worms now.

There is a pretty good scrap of newsprint at work I have been meaning to shred to bring home.

I really should take some pictures to show what I'm up to, but is anyone even reading this?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vermicomposting Site

I came across A pretty good start guide for composting with worms.

Its for kids, but it is one of the more informational sites I've come across without trying to sell you 10 pounds of worms.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I sit here and think of how good I have it.

Hailey runs in and out of her room to show me some other toy she only wants to leave in the living room to go find another one. Her constant ramblings are becoming more and more into intention, a reason, its starting to make sense. She can almost count, but still needs a little help. April is working today until 5, and with a baby growing inside of her and only having 3 1/2 months left, shes ready to get home when she gets out of work.

Having my first child on the way makes me think much deeper about my effect on the world, and others. I have always had an interest in ways to improve this world. Always from two angles: Help the world, help yourself. Now my priorities have changed: Help the World, Help Your Family. If I could only find a way to help the world while providing for my family, that would be the fulfillment I could hope to achieve.

Living in this beautiful old house, sitting on the land we have here reminds me of when I lived out in the country. Growing up until I was about 12, near a river, pond, campground(see: http://whiterivercampground.com/index.html). I had a canoe livery in my backyard(see: http://www.happymohawk.com/) that always meant excitement during the warm summer months. If I wasn't fishing I was swimming, if I wasn't swimming I was riding my bike. If it was raining I was at a friends house playing video games or they were at mine. In the winter I had the best sledding hill (Our hour was built at the level of the road, but our backyard sloped down much further down to the level of the river).

Thinking back to this time makes me think back when I had a large connection with the outdoors. Back in a time where I also care more for the environment. I have been looking at ways to leave less of a footprint and more of an impact. I started vermicomposting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vermicomposting and am looking at ways to help the world and, you guessed it, provide for my family.
Hand Full O Worms
I'm starting to look at ways that can be profitable and help the world. So far its been difficult finding good information, simply because the lot of people are non profit. The vision I have is the rule of economics, make it something people demand and you will find that people will be willing to build it for the possibility of selling it. The more people you have making money off the green initiative the more people will want to help the cause.

This is an account "I Mean To Be Green"